Societal Development

Since the arrival of Homo sapiens on the evolutionary scene 200,000 years ago, six world views have emerged. Each worldview was precipitated by changes in human living conditions that triggered new stages of collective human psychological development. The world view of Humanity Awareness, which is now emerging, represents the seventh worldview- a collective shift from the Individuating Stage of Human Development to theSelf-Actualizing Stage. We believe the survival of our species is dependent on the adoption of this worldview.

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Stunning Interactions

Humanity Awareness initiative


The three components of a worldview
Each worldview has three components: a personal belief system, a cultural belief system and cosmological belief system. As worldviews evolve the cultural component tends to become less significant, whereas the cosmological component is always significant. 
A personal belief system
A personal belief system defines how we believe we should react or respond to what is happening to us moment to moment so we can get our needs met. This belief system always reflects the priorities of the stage of development we have reached and the needs we still have from previous stages of personal development that we have not yet mastered.

A cultural beliefs system
A cultural belief system defines how we relate to other members of our community, and how we should conduct ourselves in that community to get our needs met on a day-to-day basis. This belief system is based on the collective history of the group. It is very closely linked to our sense of identity. As we expand our sense of identity, to become more inclusive of dissimilar others, our cultural belief system tends to become less important in our lives. As we expand our sense of identity, we become more inclusive, and our consciousness expands. 

A cosmological belief system
A cosmological belief system helps us to understand our place in the universe: it explains the origin and structure of our material world, our relationship to other dimensions of existence, and, most importantly, how we should conduct ourselves with whomever or whatever we consider to be the divine creator/provider so that we can get our needs met in this life and the next.The dominant cosmology in each worldview is shown in the following table:
To learn about the essential features of the different Worldviews, browse through the list below.

Clan Awareness

Survival through sharing and reciprocity

Tribe Awareness

Safety through belonging and loyalty

State Awareness

Security through power and strength

Nation Awareness

Security through authority and education

Wealth Awareness

Security through status and influence

People Awareness

Freedom through equality and accountability

Humanity Awareness

Self-expression through personal creativity