Overview and the
Future of Education

The focus of the HAI supported education and training programs is on both the inner curriculum for human wellbeing – understanding the mind, how it operates and how to master and regulate our inner experiences and motivations, and the outer curriculum for human wellbeing– understanding how we can achieve the UN’s SustainableDevelopment Goals through a change in conscious awareness.  




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The Nexus of Consciousness, Capital and theUN’s SDGs

To make the Humanity Awareness worldview a reality, we need to invest millions of dollars to support the adoption of the HAI core principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in every country on the planet. As we grow individually and collectively in consciousness, we will increase human wellbeing and accelerate the implementation of the UN SDGs.

Listen to this podcast on Growing Consciousness.

“Evolution was always about consciousness,
it was never about species.”
- Richard Barrett

The Future of Education

Our current education systems tend to focus on what we need to learn to become economically productive members of society – they are essentially focused on the outer curriculum. They pay little attention to the inner curriculum – conscious awareness, human fulfilment and societal wellbeing. It is time for all that to change. We need to learn the skills that are required to manage both our inner world and our outer world.

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The Future of Education: The Humanity Awareness Initiative Life-long Learning Program

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