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HAI Purpose

The central objective of theHumanity Awareness Initiative is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness by showcasing and creating education and training programs that lead to the emergence of this new worldview.

HAI Focus

The focus of the education and training programs will be on teaching children, teenagers, young adults, mature adults, municipal, business and political leaders as well as guardians of wealth to become conscious – to be aware of how their actions and behaviours impact other people and the planet, and how their thoughts and beliefs impact their mental and physical health.

HAI Orgins

The Humanity Awareness Initiative began in October 2017 when I called together 12 friends from all over the world to spend three days with me at a retreat centre near Oxford (UK) to discuss how we could hasten the emergence of a new worldview. The question I posed to the group was: What would it look like if a nation were operating from the worldview of Humanity Awareness?

A year later, I invited 28 friends from all over the world to meet at the same retreat centre to review and revisit the topic of the previous retreat.

Armed with the ideas coming out of these meetings, I wrote Worldview Dynamics and the Well-Being of Nations and published the book in January 2020. Part 3 of the book covers the topic of global transformation, the shift from social welfare to psychological welfare, and what would be required to implement the worldview Humanity Awareness in a nation.  


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