HAI Sponsor Training

The files provided in this area pertain to the training of HAI Sponsors. They include the Sponsor Training Courses, an Sponsor Powerpoint presentation (downloadable), and the HAI Overview Handbook (downloadable).




Dang Design


Farmhouse Decoration

The following files are for the use of HAI Sponsors in their training.

Sponsor Handbook

This pdf can be used by Sponsors to attract people to their training programs.

Download Handbook

Sponsor PPT

This PowerPoint presentation is for the use of Sponsors in the training programs they provide.

Download PPT

Sponsor Courses

These courses form part of the HAI Sponsor training program. They can only be accessed from this area of the website and may not be used for other purposes than the Sponsor training.

Seven Stages of Personal Development
Seven Levels of Personal Consciousness
The Evolution of Decision-Making
The Humanity Awareness Initiative
Happy Costumers
Design Awards
Home Inspiration
Talented Team

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